There is a very strict speed limit of 40 kph on Leisure Isle.

This is a small island with a maze of narrow roads. It is a haven for children and older folk, who enjoy the freedom of wandering in safety on foot or on their bicycles.

With the expansion of the Island's population and the associated building activities and traffic load and taxis, and the growing number of visitors, great care has to be taken to maintain the people-friendly character of Leisure Isle. Speed humps have been introduced in places, but unfortunately fast and reckless driving is on the increase.

Please drive slowly and with the utmost care, and be on the lookout for pedestrians, cyclists and dogs

Quad bikes and motorized scooters are not allowed on our roads and parks. Municipal police ticket offenders on an ongoing basis.

Racing cyclists can pose a danger and are requested to ride with the utmost care, particularly round blind and narrow corners. Pedestrians are at risk from speeding cyclists whose approach, particularly from behind, is not easy to hear.

Many residents enhance their verges by planting gardens. Residents are reminded that for safety reasons an adequate pedestrian pathway of two metres should be kept free on all pavements and verges.

ROADS & TRAFFIC on Leisure Isle  ROADS & TRAFFIC on Leisure Isle  ROADS & TRAFFIC on Leisure Isle

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