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LIRA Newsletter - September 2017

Feeedback from LIRA's August Committee meeting & other news
Hello from Leisure Isle....

Herewith feedback from the last LIRA Committee Meeting, 16 August 2017
Feedback received from Ward 10 councillor, Mark Willemse
  • New street signage proposed by LIRA ie debossed, ground-placed concrete signs: This will be a work in progress. Funding will be provided from ward allocation as well as the department replacing with concrete signs when required.
  • Pot hole repair team: Its schedule is presently being updated. Will advise as soon as finalised.
  • Knysna boardwalk extension: Peter Klews from Rotary is in discussions with SANParks and KM. Both entitites have funding available for the project. 
  • Clearing of alien vegetation on LI: Commends LIRA for its efforts in clearing excess and alien vegetation along Woodbourne Drive. Apart from the safety issue, it has made an aesthetic difference (see more below).
  • Appointment of new Municipal Manager: Mr Kam Chetty has been appointed.
Legal action against KM on sea wall issue
  • As advised in an earlier LIRA letter, this motion to act against KM was approved at the July 20 EGM. 
  • LI resident, Derek Mitchell SC, working pro bono for LIRA, has drawn up a brilliant and comprehensive 50-page motion-supporting document. 
  • A court date has been set for February 2018.
Still on the sea wall issue, LIRA has expressed its deep concern about the current parlous state of many parts of the sea wall to KM. Their only response has been to cordon-off affected parts in tawdry fashion! Councillor Willemse has been on a subsequent site inspection with LIRA Committee members.
Study into risk posed by gum trees (see more on gums below)

LIRA member, Dave Stromberg, has submitted a thorough and professional outline for the Expert Study on Leisure Isle Gum Trees, and we have agreed to go ahead with his proposal. 

It was also agreed to request extra time from members so that the results of the study can be presented at the AGM in December, rather than calling another EGM in October. 
Bush clearing along Woodbourne Drive & Green Hole

Following a tour of inspection by LIRA Committee members and Dave Stromberg, it was decided to engage LI’s own garden services vendor and resident, Dylan Handel, to clear and cut back a massive bulk of bush/fuel load along a section of Woodbourne Drive. This has drawn much positive reaction.
Further quotes have now been received from him to clear the rest of Woodbourne Drive, plus the area to the north of the Green Hole playing field. The latter is currently underway – and the clean/clear up has made a huge aesthetic improvement.
Next phases in this project will be subject to a budget surplus in LIRA’s financials.

LIRA thanks our ‘Fun Raising' Sub-Committee for allocating some of their funds to this project. 
Application to extend CCTV to Green Hole

This on-going project – to deter/monitor possible criminal activity emanating from this easy access point - has finally received KM approval.
LIRA is still investigating proposals and quotes for such a system, initially for Phase 1 at Green Hole. The cost estimate so far is around ±R56K, and we have funding budgeted for this.
We have plans to extend it to three other soft points of entry. The total quote for all four phases is now ±R260K, and we will roll this out funds permitting. 
Upgrading bush shelter area

The Committee agreed that this area, adjacent to the main Steenbok Park entry gate, is very unsightly.

Our infrastructure member, Paul Kotze, is driving a project with KM to remove the dead trees around it, as well as a defunct Telkom phone booth.

He and his wife, Sue, an architect, have agreed to draw up a plan to upgrade and repair the shelter, including landscaping and paving this key public area.
Disaster Plan: Management and Procedures

This draft plan, drawn up by the Committee, was adopted at the July EGM.

A first priority now – to be undertaken by Committee member, Arjen Meter – is to locate and service all the fire hydrants on LI. 
2018 levies

Agreed in principle to increase the 2018 levies by approximately the same as inflation (5%). 
Subject to confirmation of the financials, 2018 levies set at:
  • Annual: R4400 (4,8%) (currently R4200)
  • Monthly: R390 (5,4%) (currently R370)
Leisure Isle Festival

Arrangements are proceeding smoothly.

For further information about the Leisure Isle Festival visit Or follow it on Facebook.


In a very topical talk following the Big Fire, Dr Hugh Glen, renowned botanical scientist and author of many botanical and gardening publications, including the recently released, Trees Introduced into South Africa, a tree-lover's essential book co-authored with Braam van Wyk, will present this fascinating talk twice on LI:
Venue: Cearn Hall, Leisure Isle, Knysna
Date: Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Time: 10h00 & 19h00
Cost: R10pp to Cape Honeybee conservation.
Brought to you by Hope for the Honeybees via Gift of the Givers.
Slope rehab across the lagoon

In the aftermath of the Big Fire, the Garden Route Rebuild Initiative, a consortium of government and NGO bodies, was created to assess the loss and guide redevelopment efforts across the region.

Here is its progress report released in early August focusing on various landscape restoration efforts.

One very visible item of this work is across from Leisure Isle, with the installation of eco or bio-blankets, and supporting eco-logs, in the Featherbed Reserve. Many residents have understandably mistaken these for sand slides! The blankets have been further expanded since this photo was taken.

These biodegradable blankets prevent slides and erosion on steep slopes and promote water and fine soil particle retention.They also keep the soil moist and cool during the initial growing phase of young plants and seedlings, encouraging vegetation growth. Hydro-seeding is also part of this work.

They are likely to look less obvious as spring growth starts appearing on the burnt slopes. This rehab work is visible at several sites in and around the fire-affected region.

You will also note in the picture that the burnt remnants of the Featherbed Restaurant have been demolished, for rebuilding in time for the holiday season.

You can view an interesting YouTube video on this encouraging landscaping work here.
Rain, beautiful August rain!

In the past few weeks there have been encouraging signs of relief from the prolonged drought, with over 100mm falling in August and bringing much joy to our parched town and region.

During the 10 months from October last year till this July, monthly rainfall was consistently less than one quarter of the historical average. However, thankfully, the August rainfall exceeded the 10 year average.

Latest Steenbok Nature Reserve news!

Click here to read their latest newsletter, full of interesting developments in our beloved park.

And please become a Friend of Steenbok - it costs a mere R380 pa, and is something all of us who use and love the park should consider!
Introducing Ningmo Foods... affordable ready meals!

Many LI residents are already familiar with the wonderful ready meals service offered by islander, Daniela Dotan (De Smidt Dr) - great fresh, chilled meals, with a weekly changing menu, and available at a very affordable R50 per portion.

And you can pick them up at her house by arrangement, nogal, to make the service even more convenient and attractive. She is also happy to tweak her offer to suit dietary needs.

Daniela and her family hail from Durban, where she still runs a successful macaroon business, and relocated to their family home here late last year. Ningmo Foods operates from a commercial kitchen in the Industrial Area.

Fire heroine
Daniela has also been a true fire heroine, selflessly converting her Ningmo business into a charitable entity, and producing thousands of free meals for needy fire victims for several weeks after the fire, using amazingly generous donations of food supplies and cash.

She and her kitchen team worked themselves into a virtual collapse during these trying times, and are now operating back to normal.

Bravo Daniela! Please support her meals and macaroon business... you can read more about her here on Facebook, and sign up for her menu by email here.

This scribe an attest to the quality and value offered by Ningmo, regularly ordering and enjoying the fare!
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