NEWS CLIPS - October 2012

Sea Walls
The Knysna Municipality allocated funding two years ago to repair sections of the Southern Sea Wall (along Cearn Drive) which were in imminent danger of collapse. Despite the urging by LIRA that the work be more extensive, funds were limited and only the more badly damaged sections could be attended to.

An additional tranche has now been made available from this year’s Municipal budget to continue the repair work which has become urgent in view of the critical state of certain other portions of the sea wall. The tender for this work has been awarded by the Municipality and work is expected to commence soon.

Portions of the sea wall on the eastern boundary of Steenbok Nature Reserve were also in a serious state. We are pleased to advise that the Municipality provided funding to the extent of R40 000. These repairs were carried out by a contractor appointed and managed by the Steenbok Nature Reserve management. Following the recent heavy rains fill behind the wall has eroded in certain places and is in the course of being replaced.

Leisure Isle Festival: 10 Years Old!
To welcome the spring, the Leisure Isle Festival is set to roll once more on Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st October. Keep those dates free! The Entrance Park will be alive with activities, and about 100 stalls will cater for every taste, offering refreshments, arts & crafts, a massive array of books, indigenous plants and many other delights.

In addition to activities such as the ever-popular barrel train and jumping castle for kids, there will be a doggie walk around the Island for all ages on Saturday. This year a new feature is planned - a wheelchair walk around the Island.

This 10th anniversary also marks the changing of the guard. Roger Voysey, whose brainchild the festival was, headed the planning team for several years before handing over to Peter and June Marais. The Marais have headed off to pastures new in KwaZulu Natal, and this year marks Roger's swansong. From small beginnings in 2002, the Festival has grown to become one of Knysna's favourite events, thanks to the enthusiasm and drive of these three movers and shakers. The founding vision of fostering community spirit and benefitting local charities has borne wonderful fruit. Long may the Festival flourish!
Reports clearly reflect an upsurge in criminal activity in Knysna. Thus far Leisure Island has only experienced opportunistic break-ins and petty theft.

Residents are strongly urged to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard themselves and their property. Do not leave doors and windows open when not in residence and do take precautions when you are at home.

Steenbok Nature Reserve
The committee of LIRA has approved the Management Plan for Steenbok Nature Reserve for the coming year. The Plan is comprehensive and includes a detailed Vegetation Map. This will ensure that sound management and maintenance practices will be applied now and in the future.

Five years ago 'nature reserve' status was adopted informally by Steenbok but never gained recognition as such under Knysna zoning regulations - where it is still classified as an 'open space'. We will now be working towards Reserve classification under the Knysna Zoning Regulations. However in order to formalize its protection status it is necessary to have the Reserve declared a 'Protected Environment' in terms of the National Environmental Act: Protected Areas.
Rainfall This Year
Many long-time residents of Leisure Isle and Knysna are expressing the view that we have experienced in recent months the wettest and coldest winter ever. Examination of rainfall figures would certainly indicate this. By the end of September we had virtually reached the 20 year annual average in the first nine months of the year.

Island Personalities
Roger Voysey is featured as the new addition to Island Personalities on the LIRA website. Roger has retired from his LIRA portfolios and as webmaster, so this is an appropriate time for us to learn more about the man himself.

Roger retired from the corporate world in 2001 and came with Denise to live on the Island. Here he found a niche in which he could use his considerable talents, and he has made a huge impact in changing and enhancing the face of Leisure Isle and Steenbok Nature Reserve in particular.

Roger is a hands-on man par excellence, as even his wistful wish to return to his hobby of woodcarving reveals. "Roger's Way" in Steenbok Park is named in his honour, and long may he continue to nurture and enjoy the Park.

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The Heads Residents' Association
The inaugural meeting of the Heads Residents' Association was recently held. The meeting was well attended and the Constitution (based on the LIRA constitution) was adopted and a committee elected. The main focus at the meeting was on security issues in the light of recent burglaries experienced.

LIRA has in the past year had interaction with the steering committee. We are pleased with this development and believe there will be areas and issues of mutual interest and concern in which we can co-operate.

Once in a Blue Moon
Did you know that we had a Blue Moon on 21st August 2012?

What is a blue moon? According to modern folklore a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. The first full moon was on 1st August so the full moon appearing on 21st August was 'Blue'. According to this definition the next Blue Moon will be in July 2015.

However, an earlier definition of a Blue Moon is the third of four full moons in a season (winter, spring, summer or autumn). The next Blue Moon by this definition will fall on 21st August 2013.

Moons, not necessarily full moons, can sometimes appear bluish. This is caused by smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere after forest fires or volcanic eruptions. Because a blue moon only occurs every two or three years the term is used colloquially to mean a rare event – as in the phrase "once in a blue moon".

The earliest recorded English usage of the term blue moon was in a 1524 pamphlet violently attacking the English clergy entitled "Rede Me and Be Not Wrothe" "If they say the moon is belewe (blue) We must believe that it is true".

Contact Us
Diarise the weekend of 20/21 October for the Leisure Isle Festival. If you would like to help in the organization of this charitable event give us a ring on 083 754 5390

One of our readers sent us this photograph of Daphne Wilson on her daily round of Steenbok Park with her trusty Malawian helper John. Shuba. Daphne recently turned 90 and up until then was a daily walker in the Park with her dog. Congratulation Daphne on reaching this milestone.

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