NEWS CLIPS - November 2011

This is the penultimate issue of News Clips for 2011 and is largely devoted to the LIRA Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday 13 December.

The official notice of meeting appears below and is followed by the Report of the Committee covering the past year’s activities. The final issue of news Clips for this year will be published after the meeting and will provide a resume of what transpired and decisions taken.

Notice of Annual General Meeting
Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of Leisure Isle Residents’ Association to be held at 18h00 (6pm) on Tuesday 13th December 2011 at the Leisure Isle Country Club, Leisure Island.

  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 20th December 2010.
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  2. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Special General Meeting held on 5th April 2011.
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  3. Report of the Committee.
    The Report of the Committee for the year follows this notice.
  4. Consideration and Approval of the Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31st October 2011.
    Copies of the Audited Financial Statements will be available at the meeting. Please contact the Chairman if you require a copy prior to the meeting.
  5. Approval of the Budget and Member Levies for the year ended 31st October 2012. The budget will be presented at the meeting.
  6. Election of Committee Members.
    Nomination by members of persons for election to the committee shall be given in writing, accompanied by the written consent of the nominee to be received at the Leisure Isle Library, Cearn Hall no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting. Nomination forms are available from the chairman.
  7. Adoption of the Proposed Policy and Plan for the long term replacement of the Gum trees along Links Drive.
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  8. General.

Issued by Keith Hollis (Chairman) on behalf of the Committee.


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Alternatively complete proxy form set out at the end of this News Clips and deliver to the Leisure Isle Library

Join us for snacks at the close of the meeting and make use of the cash bar.

Report of the Committee 2011
The committee has pleasure in presenting its Report for the year ended 31st October 2011. This has been an active, and we believe successful year, for our Association.

LIRA membership is now 320 contributing members representing 82% of potential residents/home owners on the Island. A campaign in mid year to increase membership produced moderate success.

The high level of security which we experience has been maintained this year. A few incidents of, mostly, petty crime occurred. Of concern however was an attempted burglary which appears to have been well planned.

We recognize that crime is increasing in Knysna and whilst Leisure Island has been relatively untouched, continual review of our surveillance, patrols and vigilance will be maintained. It is important that residents avoid complacency, remain alert and exercise prudent precautions.
Security Hut and Refurbishment of the Entrance
The project to replace the Guard Hut, considered essential for effective security and a decent working environment for our guards, was initiated early this year.

The committee decided that NO funding would be sought from the general funds of the Association. We launched in April the Appeal for donations to replace the existing Security Hut and, subject to available funding, to improve the entry to the Island.

We were astounded by the generosity of members. A total amount of R286 983 was donated by 35 members. As the cost of the Security Hut was R161 000, we thus had additional funds to apply to the refurbishment of the Island entry.

We recognised that replacing the existing Hut would be controversial in itself; challenging also to produce a design that would reflect the ambience, varied architectural styles, and generally the Island character. A design and costings were approved by members at the Special General Meeting held on 5th April 2011.

We are delighted to report that the overwhelming response of members has been most positive. We extend grateful thanks to our committee colleague, Paul Kotze who, with his experience and knowledge, superbly managed the entire project.

Thanks also to Mike St Quinton and Johan de Bruyn who assisted Paul.

We thank architect Andrew King who designed the new security Hut without fees. Our thanks also to Susan Kotze, also an architect, who designed the entry. Roger Voysey planned and implemented the garden surround. The committee extends most grateful thanks to all our donors. Their magnificent generosity made the project possible.
Steenbok Nature Reserve
The first six year management agreement between LIRA and the municipality ended recently and has now been extended until 2021 thus ensuring continued maintenance and development into the medium term. Significant developments during the year included transformation of the gravel road to Kingfisher Creek into a natural path through the coastal scrub, re-modelling of the east end parking area and upgrading between the bowling green and the small boat harbour road. A maintenance programme for the Steenbok seawall was approved in terms of environmental regulations and an audit conducted on the plant species featured on the Steenbok website.

LIRA is proud of this beautiful area that provides enjoyment to so many. It acknowledges with thanks the additional financial support provided by the Friends of Steenbok and flowing from the successful plant sale held each year as part of the Leisure Isle Festival.

Gum Trees – Links Drive
The committee will propose at the Annual General Meeting a long term plan to replace the gum trees along Links Drive. Details of the plan have been made available to members through the website and in other communications.

Lira Website
The website, which went "live" in April, has proved to be an excellent method to communicate with members; their response has been outstanding. We thank Roger Voysey for so effectively implementing and managing

Our budget forecast a deficit of R33 000 for this Financial Year. We considered that we had sufficient accumulated surplus (R111 413) to absorb the shortfall and thus decided again to not increase levies for 2011. Whilst we had not budgeted for the cost of implementing the website, it was felt imperative that we should not delay. The cost of the website in this financial year was R18 634.

The deficit for the year ended 31st October is R43 936 which is slightly less than the budgeted deficit plus the cost of the website.

Our accumulated surplus at 31st October is now R55 407 which represents 6.5% of annual levy income. Whilst cognizant of the current economic situation the committee reluctantly concluded that it was imperative that levies be increased for the 2012.

Allsound Rebate
We are pleased to advise that a rebate was negotiated with Allsound to be applied to the levy payable by those members who are also contracted to Allsound.

Property Valuations for Rates 2012
A comprehensive analysis comparing property sales in Knysna with their municipal valuation since the first Valuation Roll was undertaken. As reported earlier, the results were shared with the Knysna Municipality. We await the new Valuation Roll for 2012 which we understand is to be published shortly

Amendments to the Constitution
Members approved certain amendments to the Constitution at the Special General Meeting held on 5th April. The amendments were to clarify the definition of a member, conditions of membership and the raising of voluntary donations. In addition there were amendments to correct inconsistencies, spelling and grammar.

Island Maintenance and Improvement
The Municipality has prime responsibility for maintaining roads, verges, parks and sea walls etc. We thank the officials and staff for their assistance and co-operation during the year It is however necessary for LIRA to carry out additional maintenance and improvement, particularly on the verges of the southern sea wall, Green Hole, Bollard Bay, benches and the entrance garden. This has required effort by members of the committee and employed labour. We are only limited by available funds in our efforts to continually maintain, upgrade and beautify the Island.

Sea Walls
Members will be aware that, following severe storm damage some two years ago, partial repairs were carried out on the southern sea wall by the municipality.

In view of limited funds only portions of the sea wall could be attended to. LIRA engaged the municipality at the time but were advised that there were insufficient funds. As we consider that both the Southern and Northern sea walls require urgent and extensive repair we recently engaged the Municipality on the matter. We have been advised that the intention is to draft a comprehensive report to submit to Province for the necessary funding.

Environmental Matters
A member of the committee maintains a watching brief on environmental matters affecting the Island which includes liaison with SANParks and the Municipality.

Current concern is the recent sewerage effluent into the lagoon and illegal bail collection (for resale). Measures are, we understand, being taken to counter what has the potential to seriously affect the fragile balance of the lagoon.

Leisure Isle Festival
A most successful Festival was again held over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th October. The weather was superb and there was an exceptional attendance with a record amount achieved for our selected charities. Our thanks to Peter Marais for once again organizing this successful event.

Municipal By-Laws
The committee has, from time to time during the year, been requested to comment on the necessity for, and non-compliance with the municipal by-laws. These range from traffic controls, parking boats and cars on parks and verges, dogs not on leashes to drinking alcohol in public etc.

The committee's position is that the by-laws must be complied with and it is the prerogative and duty of the authorities to implement such.

We extend to all members our thanks for the support of LIRA this year. In particular their wonderful financial generosity which has enabled us to replace the Security Hut and refurbish the entrance to Leisure Isle.

On behalf of the Committee:
Keith Hollis

LIRA Updates
During the past month LIRA has issued three updates covering important security and property rates developments.
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Steenbok Main Entrance Upgrade
As part of the Steenbok 2011/2012 plan the main parking area at the main entrance to Steenbok Nature Reserve in Links Drive has been upgraded. This project was funded by Friends of Steenbok and was made possible by donations of paving bricks donated by two members. Thanks are extended to all those concerned for their support. The gardens in this area are currently being extended and replanted.

Contact Us
If you are unable to attend the forthcoming LIRA AGM and wish to be represented complete the following Proxy Form and deliver to the Leisure Isle Library. Click here to download, complete and send to 044 384 1308.

In our prvious issue we featured a letter from a member registering strong objection to new, large 'yellow cross' FOR SALE signs displayed around the Island which he regarded as ugly, offensive and distasteful. We referred the matter to Knysna Municipality who following an inspection advised that it appears that all Estate Agencies in Knysna are not conforming with the applicable by-laws. A meeting for next Monday has now been arranged by KM with all agencies to inform them of the applicable by-laws and to reaffirm that they must be complied with in the future.

We welcome your comments. Click here to send.

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