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26 March 2020

Content: Lockdown message from our Chairperson * Allsound procedures during lockdown * Useful COVID-19 contacts * Adieu Roger Voysey
Dear Fellow Islander,

It is with a sense of uncertainty that I write to you as we go into lockdown. The volume of news, literature, advice and so on is overwhelming and often conflicting, and the fake news confusing. But there is no disputing the seriousness of Government's reaction and this now radical move to halt any COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa.

None of us would have planned for this type of pandemic and its associated challenges – some of us have family directly affected by the Corona virus, many of us with factories and business are in unchartered waters as we mitigate the potential losses and, for many, incomes are at risk and jobs on the line. 

Those in the medical, security and food retail fields understand fully the gravity of the situation and their unquestioned call to duty – as residents on this Island let us show our solidarity with these selfless individuals who go beyond the call of duty in times of need.

We are essentially asked to do very little – STAY AT HOME!

It is not in our nature to be isolated and confined in our paradise – some will manage better than others, so let's be kind and gentle in accepting each others' struggles. Please respect the true purpose of the LI WhatsApp group, not as forum to rant and rage, but to share useful information and advice, and as an alert to assist those who might run into difficulty. 

I have been so impressed with Governor Andrew Cuomo, NYC, who is facing an unprecedented task. He reminded New Yorkers that they are SMART, RESILIENT, TOUGH, AND RESOURCEFUL. Let's embrace these qualities on Leisure Island and be grateful that we are isolated here!

A final thank you to each member of the Committee for their input and time over the past week, their willingness to contribute constructively and their positive energy. 

Thank you, too, to Keith Hollis for his contributions as Chairperson of Steenbok Reserve; Roger Voysey for putting contingency plans in place during its closure.

Particular mention to Declan Nurse, LIRA Committee Member and MD of Allsound, whose team will essentially manage access to the Island during the next three weeks on our behalf – our gratitude and appreciation.

We hope the contents of this letter assists with some detail and valuable information.

Stay safe – stay home!

Mary-Anne Beviss-Challinor
LIRA Chairperson

Lockdown security procedures

Please note the following information, provided by Allsound MD, Declan Nurse:
The Knysna Municipality Law Enforcement has requested the assistance of Allsound Security with the monitoring of the access points at Leisure Island.
There should no movement of non-residents and non-essential workers on and off the Island, so we will apply the following access procedures:
Observe traffic cones! Cones will be placed at the access points on the causeway, and manned by at least one guard.
The guards likely know most residents and their vehicles and will wave you through, coming or going. But if they don't recognise a driver, they will request details of these people to note the date, drivers name, time, car registration number and address etc. Please be sweet, patient and co-operative!

You can download a pdf of the LIRA membership sign here for printing if you like, in colour or black/white, and place that on your dashboard or windshield to assist with your ID. Click here!
The guards have been briefed to welcome and engage with people in a friendly manner.
This new monitoring protocol, Allsound believes, will help not only help the guards recognise legitimate LI residents but also help identify any potential criminal element trying to enter the Island and taking advantage of the current situation, or by people not abiding the lockdown regulations.
If non-residents attempt to enter the island, the guards will advise that they are contravening the lockdown law and should leave immediately. If contravention is continued, the guards will contact the Allsound control room requesting staff there to contact KM Law Enforcement or SAPS to deal with the situation.

Allsound bicycle patrols will be postponed during the lockdown and only vehicle patrols will be implemented. In so doing, there will always be a permanent guard at the access points.

FYI: The Government Gazette outlining the lockdown rules can be downloaded here!

Important COVID-19 contact details:
For any questions or if you have symptoms that match those of the Corona virus, you can call the following numbers:
  • Hotline – 0800 029 999
  • Provincial Hotline – 021 928 4102
  • WhatsApp: Say “Hi” to 060 012 3456
COVID-19 website:

According to a KM ruling by Acting Municipal Manager, Dr Michelle Gratz, on March 23, all municipal halls, libraries, museums, sports facilities including those used for practice sessions, braai areas and play parks, were closed until further notice. Gratz said this includes Steenbok Park, Cathy Park, the Green Hole area and any picnic areas next to the lagoon.

In addition, all beaches were closed with immediate effect. This includes Noetzie, Coney Glen, Green Hole, Bollard Bay, Brenton-on-Sea, Buffels Bay and all Sedgefield beaches. "We will only flatten the infection curve if people adhere to calls to practice social distancing and stay at home," said Gratz.

Roger VoyseyAdieu Roger Voysey!

Steenbok Nature Reserve provides for all of us a most wonderful place to enjoy nature, beautiful vistas, walks and also to exercise our four-legged friends. We owe the existence of this unique space, with its proliferation of indigenous flora, to the vision, foresight and huge effort of Roger Voysey over the last 13 years.

It is with deep regret that we accept the resignation of Roger who has decided, after many years of magnificent toil, to take a well-earned retirement, with effect end of April. Roger has managed the Reserve ever since it was established. His departure will be sorely missed and he leaves a truly monumental legacy.

As we advised recently, the Knysna Municipality has included Steenbok Nature Reserve in the "lockdown" by the authorities. This means that no one may visit the Reserve, no function may be held there, nor can any maintenance be done during this period.

Once life returns to normal, LIRA and the Friends of Steenbok Trust will arrange an appropriate farewell to this amazing man, and to whom we owe a massive debt of gratitude for his dedicated and tireless effort over so many years to create a reserve in perpetuity.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank and pay tribute to the many volunteers who have, over the years and with much love for Steenbok, given so much time in assisting Roger to develop and maintain the reserve.
Mary-Anne Beviss-Challinor - Chairperson: LIRA
Keith Hollis: Chairperson - Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve Trust
KM AppAll essential Knysna Municipal services will continue during the lockdown!

Report potholes, broken water mains etc here!
The Knynsa Municipality App (left) is now the go-to place to report these sorts of infrastructure issues - with top KM officials advising us so. You can download the app from iTunes or Google Playstore.

Report illegal baiting here!
The all-hours SANParks Rangers' Estuary Duty number is
082 269-5007
. Use this to report illegal activities.

The SANParks Knysna general enquiries number is
044 382-2095.
* Provides 24/7 proactive security
* Sponsors Steenbok Nature Reserve
* Champions peak season law enforcement
* Liaison/lobbying Knysna Municipality
* Liaison Nature Conservation/SANParks
* Beautification of LI
* Employment of gardeners
* Hosts Leisure Isle Festival
* Maintains property values and unequalled lifestyle
* Professional and dedicated volunteer committee serving your interests

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