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23 December 2021

Dear <<First Name>>,

Message from our chairperson...
As Christmas approaches, we take this time to reflect on another busy year filled with uncertainty and many challenges. Our thoughts are with all those who lost loved ones; those who were affected by the dreadful violence and looting which has left many of our businesses hamstrung as the supply chain struggles to reboot; those caught up in the chaos of Omicron and travel bans; and all those dealing with ill health.  

But let's celebrate the very noticeable increase in tourism, the busy shops and the traffic congestion - knowing that Knysna has regained some of the “energy” that was missing during lockdown – it is certainly needed.

The Committee has worked tirelessly with the municipality to try and ensure that the island is ready to welcome families and visitors – we trust the Season will be calm and peaceful. And that some summer will appear!

Should you require assistance at any time, please make use of the right channels of communication that we post regularly on the WhatsApp chat groups.

LIRA  thanks Allsound Security for ensuring Leisure Island is safe – your co-operation in this regard is vital in reporting incidents and public disturbance.

We will now be holding our AGM on the 6 January 2022 and will send out a detailed summary of the year in due course. Please make every effort to attend as we will be offering feedback on the Special General Meeting held in November at which members gave us a clear mandate to move forward proactively in managing this precious asset – we believe there is much work to be done in 2022 and we need your support more than ever. 
Special thanks are due to all Committee members for the tremendous amount of time they devote to carrying out their portfolio duties –  and grateful thanks to our Ward 9 Councillor, Sharon Sabbagh, who has been instrumental in facilitating channels of communication within the municipality and who works tirelessly for the ward. 

We have thanked the relevant departments at the municipality who have assisted in ensuring the island is ready. 

In closing we wish all our members a very Happy Christmas and our best wishes for the New Year – may it be kind and gentle.


Mary-Anne Beviss Challinor

If you have any queries, please contact me privately. Email me here or call C: 082 651 3767
NEW DATE FOR LIRA 2021 AGM! This will be now be held on Thursday 6 January, 2022, at 5.30 for 6pm at Leisure Isle Bowling Club. An official announcement will sent out anon.

Roll out of the Benches & Bins Project!

We are pleased to report the success of this project, initiated and executed by Mark and Gail Sofianos in time for the Festive Season - there are but a few outstanding issues to be finalised in early 2022.

If you drive along the waterfront you will note the improvements - it's subtle but so effective and has made a huge aesthetic difference.

Fantastically, a stunning 26 sponsors came to the party - and immense thanks to them for their generosity! Without doubt, the new benches/bins will much appreciated by users, will prove highly practical, and are a fitting memorial to many who have loved and love Leisure Isle.

All existing memorial plaques have been honoured as far as possible, but some plaque owners have not been contactable - with some over 20 years old. Where there were derelict or older benches and no replacement bench booked or no arrangement made, their plaques have been moved to Bench no 1 which is an existing bench close to Green Hole.

Three benches in good shape have been placed at Green Hole, as were some additional litter bins.

Again, we must thank Mark and Gail for taking on this very demanding project - it has taken hours of work to coordinate and action.
All old 100l litter bins have been put to good use as inner bins for the new ones. The new bins have been placed so that they are easily visible and accessible, at the most 100m from each other.

LIRA levy for 2022 - Invoices out!

As we are sure you've noticed, invoices for the 2022 levy were despatched via email in early December.

Thank you to members who've already paid - and we urge everyone to do the same as soon as possible, please.

As a reminder, the levy for 2022 has been increased only marginally - and there was no increase in 2021 due to Covid disruptions. It is as follows:

Annual Levy: R4 950 (2021 – R4 830)

Monthly Levy: R440 pm (2021 – R430)

Please will members who pay by stop order adjust the levy amount.

LIRA vs home security? Many new and existing LI residents conflate LIRA security versus an Allsound contract for individual home alarm monitoring and guard response. Many people refuse to join LIRA, saying they would rather just have a home-security contract. This doesn't make sense!

The LIRA-funded 24/7/365 security service, rendered by Allsound, is proactive ie it stops the baddies from even thinking about committing a crime. And that's why LI has such a low crime rate, and why we all sleep peacefully at night - a luxury not afforded to many open suburbs in SA. Of course, your home security contract is important and likely an insurance necessessity, but it is also one effectively abetted by the LIRA service.

A thought to consider: imagine Leisure Isle without LIRA? And it's why every home-owner should be a member... The monthly fee for immense peace of mind is equivalent of but a restaurant meal for two, maybe. Can you afford not be a member?


All the latest news from the Steenbok Reserve management team can be read in their latest newsletter.....
Sunrise in Steenbok Nature Reserve 


The Leisure Isle Boat Club is an integral part of the island - and it recently sent out a very interesting newsletter, so full of info that we felt it important to share it here, if you are interested...

Knysna Municipal Services app discontinued

We are extremely disappointed to be advised by KM that this very useful and effective means of communicating with the muni, with feedback, is being canned - with nothing to replace it announced as yet!? See the letter the War 9 Committee has written to KM here...

Here are some KM contact details, as advised in its latest newsletter:

All Sections Office Hrs: 044 302 6300
Customer Services: SMS 44453;
Emergencies 24 Hrs:  044 302 8911
Septic tank waste: 044 302 6331
Note that the 'honey sucker' function has been moved from Solid Wast Dept to the Water & Wastewater section of Infrastructure Services.

Report illegal baiting here!

The all-hours SANParks Rangers' Estuary Duty number is 082 269 5007. Use this to report illegal activities.

For SANParks Knysna general enquiries: 044 382-2095.
* Provides 24/7 proactive security
* Sponsors Steenbok Nature Reserve
* Champions peak season law enforcement
* Liaison/lobbying Knysna Municipality
* Liaison Nature Conservation/SANParks
* Beautification of LI
* Employment of gardeners
* Hosts Leisure Isle Festival
* Maintains property values and unequalled lifestyle
* Professional and dedicated volunteer committee serving your interests

LIRA would like as many Islanders as possible to receive these newsletters.

If you have family members, tenants or friends who would be interested in getting our news, we'd like to add them to our mailing database. Please send email details to Brenda Neall.
We welcome your comments and feedback on this newsletter. And your input, too! Your news, ideas, stories, happenings are welcome.

Brenda Neall, website & newsletter

To contact LIRA chairperson, Mary-Anne Beviss-Challinor: 
Email her here, or call 082 651 3767.

LIRA website:
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