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25 April 2020

Dear Fellow Islander,

We are happy to be sending this notice out today knowing that, hopefully, this time next week we may be permitted to enjoy a few added freedoms (while maintaining social distancing!).

This letter is to update you on a food parcel initiative that several members of the LIRA Committee have started.

As you are well aware, there are many charitable initiatives, large and small, making a difference to the lives of needy fellow citizens throughout our community. This includes the tremendous efforts of those aiding pets and animals, large and small.

The plight of several families was recently bought to the attention of the LIRA Committee during a “Zoom” meeting we held on Monday 20 April, by Declan Nurse (fellow Comm member and MD of Allsound Security). Essentially, his security personnel had identified an increased number of desperate people searching for food for their families. We acknowledged that it's apparent that the available food aid has not been reaching many indigent people, and all agreed that we needed to intervene in a constructive manner.

A focused feeding programme

The upshot is that we have set up, in a small way, a focused feeding programme, funded immediately by ourselves and several other donors who’ve generously come forward on learning of this project.

After much costing research, we have partnered with So-Ca to pack and provide the food parcels at R180 each; enough basic foodstuff for a family of four for 4-5 days. The pack comprises the likes of maize meal, milk, flour, rice, soya mince, canned items etc.

Allsound guards, with Declan himself to hand, delivered the first 19 parcels on Wednesday evening into the grateful and, mostly, overwhelmed and disbelieving hands of identified families. Please see some pics below.

Fellow Comm member, Mark Sofianos, has also been alerted to the urgent food needs of many families, a number of whom are from Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. There is a huge trust deficit, as you can appreciate, between these folk and formal structures - even if these foreigners have money they are often fearful of leaving their homes because of the potential for victimisation by locals, police or soldiers.

Thus, late on Thursday afternoon, Mark delivered 11 or so food parcels to some of these also-very-happy-and-grateful people. An additional 32 parcels went out via Allsound during the course of the evening, and a further 80 will be delivered over the weekend.

We intend to continue this effort, as long as needs be and finances permit, as an interim intervention, working with specific families who’ve been identified as requiring our help. They get registered with us, and their parcels get delivered directly into their hands.

Addition of masks

We have also received a donation of masks from Dr Ken Sprenger that shall be added to the food parcels. He is looking for cotton fabric for this initiative - if you have spare, please liaise with me so that we can reciprocate and support his meaningful project and keep his team of mask-makers busy! More important than ever, now that cloth masks will mandatory in public and at work.

We thank him, too, for kindly arranging a delivery of masks to residents at Leisure Gardens Retirement Village!

If you know of any people who need our support...

Please contact me either via email ( or 082 651 3767) or any member of the LIRA Committee, and we will do our best to assist them.

Please bear in mind that this initiative in no way diminishes the responsibility we have to look after our domestic staff; it is intended for those without any support whatsoever.  

Should you wish to contribute to our project...

We will be most grateful for any donations. I have set up the following savings account in my name:
Bank:  FNB
Ref:  Food Parcel Donation/Your name
Acc No:  62850137566
Branch Code:  250655

These funds will be stringently audited and open for scrutiny, rest assured. As this is an ad hoc initiative, we are not an official NGO and cannot offer tax certificates.

Should you wish to contribute to the welfare of the many animals in need, Comm member, Barbara Mills, is coordinating these efforts and can be contacted on 083 325-7449 or

We appreciate and support the amazing work of the many charitable projects underway in Knysna, and in no way see this as undermining those – we are filling a gap, and expect our help will be needed for some time to come. 

This is not a LIRA initiative, rather an effort as a concerned, proactive Committee trying to make a difference. We are so grateful for the incredible generosity of members of our community, not limited to Islanders or LIRA members, rather awesome people who CARE.

Thank you and stay safe,

Mary-Anne Beviss-Challinor
LIRA Chairperson

Join the City Nature Challenge - this weekend!

The City Nature Challenge is still on – and the Garden Route wants to win it!

Despite the lockdown, keep your eyes open for nature around you.

Everything in and around your home and the terrain you are safely allowed to be on can be recorded, from the moth on the lampshade, the little mouse in the pantry, your cat, potplant, geckos – plus all the birds, bees, plants and other creatures outside. Wild, captive and cultivated – all are acceptable as observations.

See more on how you and your families can take part by clicking this link....

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The SANParks Knysna general enquiries number is
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