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LIRA Newsletter
April 2018

Welcome to this update....
Dear Fellow Leisure Islander,

This letter is an update on recent developments on the Island and issues discussed at our last Committee meeting in late March....

Gum tree trimming project about to start

THE  long-awaited trimming of the gum trees in Links Drive will begin tomorrow, Monday 16 April.

The first phase of the work will cover the eight trees between De Smidt and Horne Drives, and should be completed within one week.

The purpose of the trimming is to remove potentially dangerous branches, reduce unbalanced growth, and leave the trees in a healthy, sustainable and visually-pleasing state.

The work will be undertaken by a Knysna Municipality-approved contractor, Singenza Treefelling, who will be directed by tree specialist Charles Reitz.

Singenza will ensure that the affected area is secure, and will operate a stop-go system for vehicles for short periods when branches are felled over Links Drive. The waiting periods will be kept to a minimum, however motorists should consider using alternative routes.

Island residents and visitors should stay well clear, and ensure that dogs do not stray into the area.

LIRA apologises for any inconvenience during the trimming, and requests residents and visitors to  co-operate with Singenza’s personnel to ensure the safety of all concerned.

We look forward to a successful outcome that both addresses our safety concerns, and enhances the beauty of these wonderful trees.     

FIREWOOD AVAILABLE! Singenza has agreed to leave neat piles of chippings, and branches cut into lengths for firewood, which may be taken freely once the work has been completed.

Notes from LIRA Committee Meeting, March 27, 2018.


Sea Walls:
  • As noted in our briefing despatched on March 7, the High Court hearing on deciding whose responsibility it is to maintain the sea walls has been postponed to May 30.
  • Interim fix of sea walls: In an encouraging development, the Committee has had discussions with SANParks and the KM on making interim repairs to the sea wall.
    This would require the preparation of a Maintenance Environmental Management Plan (MEMP) that, once approved by the authorities, would allow relatively quick and inexpensive repairs to be made to the current breakages.
    We will provide more detail on this once a way forward has been agreed by all parties.​
Cearn Hall:
  • Garden upgrade: Several volunteers, along with the Fun-Raising Committee, have been driving a great project to tidy up and enhance the garden around Cearn Hall.
    Thanks to the Committee for a R6000 donation towards this, and to others who have given time, labour and plants.
  • LIRA to take over Cearn Hall management: A proposal has been received from the LI Country Club for LIRA to take over the running of Cearn Hall. 
    The Committee believes that Cearn Hall is an asset and, as such, it makes more sense in principle for LIRA, whose membership is 100% LI residents, to manage it rather than LICC whose membership is only 35% LI residents. 
    We are undertaking a feasibility study looking at costs, responsibilities and revenue. 
Tarring of roads:
  • Road repair teams spent a month on LI, and what a welcome improvement the new tarring has made to many roads.
  • The Committee, however, has been puzzled by the apparent random selection of roads that were fixed; some nonsensical repair of minor roads while leaving very busy sections untouched, and the frustrating lack of prior consultation from the KM with LIRA on this project.
  • Paul Kotze pleaded with Cllr Mark Willemse to ensure that Hall Road that runs alongside the very popular Nadine's Corner coffee shop was re-tarred, as this was not on the original works schedule.
    Fortunately, this has since transpired, albeit it has not been fully repaired.
  • LIRA is delighted with these improvements, some better than none, and is hopeful that more will be accounted for in future KM budgeting.
  • At a recent Ward 9 report-back meeting, Cllr Willemse could give no undertaking nor insights as to when or if the causeway or George Rex Drive would be upgraded and repaired.
  • CCTV installation Green Hole:The cameras have been installed, the power supply connected, and the system configured and linked to Allsound's control room.
  • This project has been years in the planning and winning KM permissions, and LIRA is thrilled that we now have this weak point better monitored and secured.
  • Thanks to Declan Nurse for completing its final phase implementation.
  • Monthly management reports show that LIRA's financials are on track and healthy, with funding available for all our projects. 
  • The finance team has been chasing outstanding debtors - if you have not paid your 2018 levy, please do so soonest
  • Application to SARS – LIRA registration as Public Benefit Organisation: This has been rejected by SARS, unfortunately, but treasurer, James Botha, will remotivate and reapply.
  • 72,5% membership as at end February.
  • Four new members in March.
  • Property transactions continue at very high levels, and this has kept the membership team busy.
  • Concerted lobbying will be given to several homeowners who decline to pay LIRA levies as their properties are tenanted.
Progressive Dinner
Saturday June 2, 2018

The Fun-Raising Committee is planning another dinner to cheer up winter - such a wonderful, fun way to get to know your fellow Islanders!
Contact Sheena for more details:, but these will also be publicised via the LI WhatsApp group etc.

Campaign to ban fireworks once and for all...

Knysna resident, Stella Sohn, has asked LIRA to publicise a campaign that she and others, have launched. Here's her letter....

The Community of Knysna and surrounds hereby give notice to yourself and all parties involved and responsible for the discharge of fireworks/displays and the sale thereof, of intention to permanently end these activities under any circumstances/celebrations within the greater Knysna Municipal area and surrounds including the beach areas, all of which are situated in densely populated residential areas.
A public petition to this effect will be circulated and signatures gathered. The petition will be forwarded to the relevant authorities in Mossel Bay and Pretoria.

The purpose of the public petition is to bring to an end the needless suffering these activities bring to pets and other animals in the area, and, as fireworks are a proven fire hazard and especially because the area has recently been ravaged by fire, the absence of the discharge of fireworks will help with fire prevention and safety.

It will also serve to remind offenders that the discharging of fireworks is actually against the law and that offenders place themselves in danger of being prosecuted.
We intend mustering whatever support we can raise from all affected stakeholders, in order to permanently bring to an end all forms of discharge of fireworks/displays and the sale of fireworks and their authorisation and issue of licenses and permits, etc; in terms of regulations which prohibit the discharge of fireworks in any form within densely populated residential areas.

WHAT LIRA DOES: * Provides 24/7 proactive security * Sponsors Steenbok Nature Reserve * Champions peak season law enforcement * Liaison/lobbying Knysna Municipality * Liaison Nature Conservation/SANParks * Beautification of LI * Employment of gardeners * Host sLeisure Isle Festival * Maintains property values and unequalled lifestyle * Professional and dedicated volunteer committee serving your interests
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