NEWS CLIPS - April 2011

General Meeting
The meeting held on Tuesday was well attended and we thank all those who were able to participate. The main purpose of the meeting was to consider a proposal to improve the Guard hut at the entrance to the Island.

After lively debate on different ways of addressing the need to improve functionality of the facility as well as provide a more dignified working environment for our guards, the following motion was unanimously adopted:

The committee is empowered to proceed with replacing the guard hut subject to the following:
  • All funding required is received from voluntary donations, so that there will be no impact on LIRA membership fees.
  • All changes and enhancements suggested during the meeting are considered by the team managing the project.
  • Constraints imposed by Municipality & immediate neighbours are honoured.
  • The overall cost of the hut does not exceed R 250 000
The committee will only pursue this project if it is fully covered by voluntary donations, so as to ensure that it does not impact on LIRA membership fees. A letter from the Chairman follows providing further details and asking those, who have not yet had an opportunity to respond to the voluntary appeal, to do so.
Letter from the Chairman
Dear Members

Our Island security operates from the Security Hut located at the entry at the end of the causeway. The location is crucial to the 24/7 camera monitoring of entry and exit. It is also the base from which the guards conduct their regular patrols around the Island.

The current hut which was erected in 1999 was donated (to promote log homes) and thus not specially built for the intended function. The interior is very cramped and no longer suitable. Ablution facilities are rudimentary and the work area confined and inefficient. Further, ventilation is unsatisfactory; the hut is hot in summer and cold in winter.


The committee proposes to replace the hut. The proposed new structure has been architect designed to deliver a comfortable and effective working interior, protective of our equipment with decent ablution facilities. Further, provision has been made for the guards to prepare beverages with a microwave and wash up facilities.

We believe that the exterior design, which is appropriate for the building’s function, will be acceptable to our members. The design “echoes” that of the Leisure Isle Boat Club. At a well-attended General Meeting on 5th April 2011 the plan received overwhelming support.


The estimated cost of the minimum needs, including appropriate upgrading of the surrounding area, is approx R 200 000 as detailed below:
  • Hut construction: R 132 641
  • Relocate camera equip.: R 10 000
  • Fees & disbursements: R 2 000
  • Surround: R 55 000
  •               R 199 641
At the general meeting a few additional features to improve functionality and the dignity of the working environment of our guards were recommended. Hence it was agreed that expenditure be limited to R 250 000 or such lower amount that is raised. We have approx 300 members.

LIRA has committed NOT to use general funds. Indeed we simply do not have such funds available!

As a result of the meeting, as well as a test appeal to those who were either non resident or who we felt could easily respond to this we appeal, we already have pledges for slightly over half of the amount. These pledges are however conditional on funding sufficient to replace the guard hut being raised.

Failure to raise sufficient funding would in all likelihood doom the project. This would be a pity since, apart from the imperative to provide a decent hut for our guards, we would forfeit the opportunity to really improve the appearance at the entrance to Leisure Isle and with it also enhance our own property values.


May I appeal for your support in the form of an email response. This you may do by emailing our Honorary Treasurer at or myself at of the amount you are willing to contribute. Alternatively please use a pledge form copies of which are available from Ian Huskisson.

We are hoping to raise the required funding by the end of April failing which any existing pledges will fall away.
Keith Hollis
Chairman of LIRA
082 442 9290
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