The LIRA committee strives to serve the residents of the Island. To be effective it requires a team of skilled and committed members, all of whom volunteer their time, energies and expertise. The current committee and their portfolios are detailed below:

Colin MathiesenChairperson, membership and security082 812
Craig CarterDeputy Chairperson082 653
Paul de VilliersTreasurer076 458
Barbara KrigeSteenbok Reserve and communication082 921
Margaret RichardsSteenbok Reserve082 844
Dave StrombergInfrastructure, environment and communication073 887
Declan NurseSecurity service provider079 272

In regard to municipal affairs and regulations LIRA sees its role as to:
  • monitor actions and plans of the authorities to ensure for Leisure Isle:
    • continued good governance,
    • nurturing and protection of its environmental heritage, and
    • effective security,
and where appropriate to initiate actions to achieve the foregoing.

But it has limitations:
  • LIRA is not a conduit between residents and the Municipality and other authorities on routine matters.
  • Neither LIRA nor its security provider, Allsound, have enforcement powers.
  • LIRA does not handle or mediate in disputes between individuals and the Municipality or between neighbours.
However ... if unsuccessful with the authorities on a serious matter of poor governance, non-effective security or on one that threatens our environmental heritage please contact a member of the Committee.

The association is a legal entity governed by a constitution. Click here to view the constitution.

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