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LIRA is an Association of residents and property owners of Leisure Isle. LIRA focuses on all aspects of life on Leisure Isle including the environment, security, municipal affairs and regulations, parks and gardens, liaison with SANParks and other related Island matters including development of community spirit.

The objectives of the Association are to:
  • Ensure that the environmental heritage of Leisure Isle and its environs is nurtured and protected and to implement, in conjunction with Steenbok Nature Park Committee, Gardening at Leisure and other organizations, appropriate programmes to achieve the foregoing.
  • Liaise with Knysna Town Council and Municipality, Nature Conservation and other authorities and organizations, to ensure:
    • the establishment, amendment and/or enforcement of appropriate laws, regulations and by-laws relative to Leisure Isle;
    • appropriate supply of services to, and good governance of Leisure Isle (including the maintenance of roads, adequate signage, traffic flows, cleanliness and tidiness and adherence to by-laws);
  • Implement and maintain under the management of a professional security organisation a cost-effective system of security for the protection and safety of Leisure Isle residents and visitors and their property.
The financial year of LIRA runs to 31 October and the Annual General Meeting is held in December. The committee is appointed at the AGM and has powers to co-opt new committee members during the year. Responsibilities on the Committee are shared between chairperson, secretary; treasurer and different committee members looking after membership; traffic; Steenbok Nature Reserve; municipal affairs; security; parks, gardens and beaches; and community involvement. Current office bearers are listed on the LIRA website. In addition many members assume responsibility from time to time for one-off projects.

Membership is available to all residents and property owners. Levies for 2023 are:
  • R5900 payable annually in November, preferably by bank debit order or EFT. Annual payers enjoy a discount of over 6%.
  • R525 if paid monthly, payable by bank debit order.


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