Domestic waste collection and Recycling

Domestic waste and recycling is collected from Leisure Isle on Thursday mornings, from 08H00.

Wheelie bins have been distributed to all households by the Municipality. These can be placed on the pavement early on Thursday morning. Black bags can be purchased from local supermarkets if required.

Green (recently changed to fawn) bags are for recycling, and are collected with domestic waste on Thursdays. Paper, cardboard, glass and plastic may be recycled, using the same green/fawn bag for all. The bags may be obtained free of charge at the Municipal offices.

Click here for detailed re-cycling criteria

Blue bags are for garden refuse, and two per week may be placed out for collection on Thursdays. They may be purchased at the Municipal Customer Care Centre in the old Standard Bank building in the Main Street.

Garden refuse/rubble

Apart from the 2 blue bags of garden refuse which can be put out with domestic waste for collection each Thursday, there are no provisions for the dumping of garden refuse or rubble on the Island.

The Municipal garden refuse dump is situated on a hill about 3km east of Old Place (smoke can often be seen rising from this site). The road is signposted from the N2. Caution should be exercised as the last 4 kilometres is badly graveled and the road is not very passable in wet weather.

There are a number of garden services and private individuals who will remove garden waste to the Municipal tip for a fee (see Action Ads for details)

The Municipal dump for building rubble is up the hill from Grey Street.

Septic tanks

There is no reticulated sewerage provision on Leisure Isle, and all households have either septic tanks or conservancy tanks. Contact the Municipal Cleansing department for pumping out tanks (044 302 6405)

Transport to/from Leisure Isle for domestic workers and gardeners

No public transport operates to or from the Island. Taxis run by private companies run services from various destinations to the Island from 07H00 - 09H00 on weekdays. Drop-off points are at the entrance to the Island and by request along the route. Taxis leave the Island from 13H00 - 16H00 to central Knysna.


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