Bowls, Tennis, Table Tennis and Bridge all fall under the auspices of the Club and share its clubhouse and facilities. The Club, which is situated in Links Drive on the north-western area of the Island, has a liquor licence and is a favourite gathering place. The LICC leases the ground occupied by the clubhouse, the bowling greens and the tennis courts from the Knysna municipality. A committee manages the Club, with representatives from all sections. The Cearn Hall in Hall Road also falls under the LICC.
Johan de Bruyn – 083 445 1355;

The Bowls section of the LICC has 2 bowling greens, which are in use 7 days a week. The greens are used for provincial and national events at regular intervals, as well as during the popular annual Knysna Oyster Festival and our own Spring Festival in September.

Club days : Wednesday and Saturday at 13h30
Friendly games : All other days
Visitors are always welcome, and coaching is provided.
Potential new members are encouraged to contact us.
Graeme Levin – 071 160 1301;
Club Tel No: 044 384 1158

The Leisure Isle Tennis Club, a section of the LICC, has 3 all-weather courts. There are 3 categories of membership - full, limited and junior.
Club days for full members are Wednesday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Public Holidays. In 2010 there were 55 active players. Any local players interested in applying for membership should contact the Committee.
Visitors and potential members are welcome to participate in our tennis sessions or use the court facilities outside Club days. On Saturdays visitors may only use the courts at the invitation of a Club member.
Klaus Eder – 072 479 0600;

Table Tennis falls under the auspices of the Leisure Isle Country Club, but is played at Cearn Hall in Hall Road.
The Club meets on Mondays and Fridays from 14H00 - 18H00
All levels of players are welcome, including beginners.
Alastair Mowatt - 044 384 0138


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