• Beaches & Swimming
    The main beach on Leisure Isle is at Bollard Bay, where there is a good stretch of sand and shallow water ideal for children ... click for more info

  • Parks & Picnic Areas
    With the exception of the public braai facilities at Green Hole, no picnic braai fires are allowed at any parks, beaches or public open spaces on Leisure Isle ... click for more info

  • Sports
    Bowls, Tennis, Table Tennis and Bridge all fall under the auspices of the Leisure Isle Country Club and share its clubhouse and facilities ... click for more info

  • Boating
    This club is situated on the northern shore of the Island, and the picturesque little Peter Gordon Harbour provides a safe haven from the storm-force westerly winds that can wreak havoc particularly in the winter months ... click for more info

  • Fishing
    Fishing is a favourite Island pastime. Fish can be caught at various places along the sea wall on both sides of the Island at or around spring high tide ... click for more info

  • Birding
    The Island and surrounding salt marshes are home to a rich variety of birds ... click for more info

  • Dog Walking
    Leisure Isle is an ideal environment for dogs and dog-walking, and the dogs of many Islanders and other Knysna residents enjoy their daily outings in all weathers, and in matchless surroundings ... click for more info

  • Garden Club
    Gardening at Leisure is an active garden club consisting of about 80 members, who meet at different venues on the first Friday of every month excluding January and July ... click for more info

  • Library
    The Leisure Isle Library, situated in Cearn Hall in Hall Road, is a branch of the Knysna Library, although membership of both libraries is separate ... click for more info

  • Other Activities
    The Leisure Isle Bridge Club has a morning of duplicate bridge every Thursday morning at the Leisure Isle Country Club ... click for more info

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