Fishing is a favourite Island pastime. Fish can be caught at various places along the sea wall on both sides of the Island at or around spring high tide. Tide tables are available at sports and boating outlets in Knysna and at the Leisure Isle Boat Club.

Anglers fishing from boats have more opportunities. Fish can be caught in the shallow water on the banks where they come to feed at high tide, and in or near the channels at low tide. When fishing at low tide be careful not to anchor in the channel where you will obstruct passing boats.

Spotted Grunter and White Steenbras are the most common fish in the lagoon. These can be caught using sand or mud prawns collected on the mudflats at low tide, in areas outside the Invertebrate Reserve. Garrick (Leervis) provide good sport and are caught with live Mullet. Cape Stumpnose are good fun, especially for the children, and are caught on most baits.

All fishermen should obtain copies of the SANParks' brochure Salt water fishing in the Knysna area. It contains a species list for recreational anglers, a list of some of the 200 species present in the Knysna estuary, as well as bag limits, information on bait and bag limits for bait.

A maximum of 2 lines may be used, with 2 hooks on each line, and the lines should be attended at all times. All anglers must be in possession of valid fishing licences and bait-collecting licences, which are obtainable from any Post Office. (The Knysna Post Office is on the corner of Main and Montague Streets).

Bait collecting in the Invertebrate Reserve is prohibited, even by those in possession of a Bait licence. Please do not buy bait from bait collectors. Fish responsibly - catch and release.


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