Leisure Isle is an ideal environment for dogs and dog-walking, and the dogs of many Islanders and other Knysna residents enjoy their daily outings in all weathers, and in matchless surroundings.

Most dogs are well behaved and obedient and socialise well. However by law untrained and unruly dogs must be on leads and under the control of a responsible person.

Because of the number of dogs living on and visiting the Island, certain well-trodden routes, especially along the sea wall, the beaches and the various parks become quite polluted with dog litter. Besides being unhygienic, especially on the beaches, dog litter certainly diminishes the pleasure of others out to enjoy the passing scene.

The Knysna Municipality has placed notices at certain strategic points on the Island, urging dog owners to act responsibly and to carry plastic bags to collect litter left by their dogs.

Please do your bit to keep this Island clean and lovely, for all to enjoy.


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