Building of new houses and alterations are governed by the Knysna Zoning Regulations and Title Deed conditions. Certain standard conditions are contained in all Leisure Isle property title deeds. Certain pieces of land, e.g. Steenbok Nature Reserve, Kingfisher Creek and Cearn Hall, were donated to the community of Knysna by George Cearn, the original founder and developer of the Isle, and his wishes regarding this land need to be respected.

The combined conditions of both the zoning regulations and the title deeds are too detailed to include in this booklet. However the Knysna Town Planning Department (Phone 044 302 1605) is most helpful and will assist residents with their queries.

Residents as a whole wish to ensure that the village atmosphere and ambience of Leisure Isle is maintained. LIRA accordingly:
  • Supports current town planning and title deed restrictions.
  • Opposes applications for relaxation of town planning regulations and/or upliftment of title deed conditions, unless of a minor nature.
  • Has advised the Municipality of its policy in regard to these matters.

To simplify the process of applications for relaxation and/or upliftment of Zoning or Title Deed conditions, the Municipality does not always advertise the nature of applications but follows the practice of requesting neighbours to comment on any alteration or development involving removal of restrictive conditions e.g. building on a boundary line. There have been cases in the past where neighbours have given consent to waiving of boundary line requirements without realizing what they were agreeing to. This is understandable as most residents wish to retain good relations with their neighbours and, when approached, give way easily without always appreciating the meaning of the words, or plan, that they are requested to sign.

If ever in doubt refer to an expert for advice or feel free to seek the comments of a LIRA committee member. Also ensure that photocopies are retained of any documents or plans that have been signed.

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